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French courses – Do you love France and French?

If you need a French course for ERASMUS or for work you often compare with colleagues from across the Alps, the solution for you is a French course at one of our schools Rome.

We organize courses suitable for every need of our students thanks to an educational experience of over 50 years. Courses are held for all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced, in mini group, individual or semi individual.

The inlingua French courses:

french courses in rome
  • Individual french courses

  • Small groups french courses

    Max 6 attendants

Our French courses in Rome are taught by native speakers, selected according to their teaching abilities and experience.



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In the classroom we will use the inlingua International method (Berne, Switzerland) focused on developing communication skills, which puts the student in a position to use what he has learned in class since the first lessons, even at beginners level, with the ultimate goal of offering a quality course, where you really learn.

In addition, during the French lessons the teaching material published by inlingua will be used.

  • French courses

  • Professional french courses

  • Specialist seminars of French

The educational objective of the French courses is to improve the knowledge of the French language in everyday communications.

With the professional French courses, however, you will master the language in all those professional contexts, such as meetings, presentations, negotiations for which a more sectorial and specific knowledge of the language is required.

The French specialist seminars explore 2 particular themes:

  • The management of written / commercial communications
  • The management of phone calls

Both seminars are structured to be used on the basic and intermediate level of knowledge of the French, respectively to A2 and B1 of the Common European Framework of the Council of Europe and have the aim of improving the vocabulary in particular areas, such as the ability to interact on the phone with French interlocutors or the ability to prepare written communications (letters or e-mails) that are comprehensible and correct from a formal point of view.

And it’s not over here!

In addition to lectures with the teacher, you can practice every day at home on the iOL e-learning platform – inlingua Online Learning.

You will have at your disposal H24 over 4000 exercises and interactive teaching tools developed to complement and enrich the French courses carried out by our teachers.

The lectures will be completed by units containing interactive exercises to be performed on the iOL e-learning platform – inlingua Online Learning, 24 hours a day, from tablet, pc or smartphone.

The e-learning path also provides for the distance support of our tutor who will guide the student in using the platform from the first access to the conclusion of the course.

How does the online platform work?

Each student is created a personal profile on our platform that can be accessed via the Internet.

Within your profile there are several sections related to classroom lessons and specifically designed to allow an improvement of all language skills. These are exercises with audio / video in language, created to improve the skills of reading, writing, listening and pronunciation.

Why use the iOL platform?

  • Total flexibility (platform available 24 hours from each device)
  • Traceability of all activities carried out, for a constant monitoring of the tutor
  • Customization of the route thanks to more than 4,000 exercises
  • Exercises with audio / video to acquire vocabulary, pronunciation and speed
  • Exercises to improve reading and writing skills
  • Answers in real time, for an effective progression
  • Grammar and online dictionary


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You need anything else? Do you want to deepen the themes? Do you have to take an exam for specific certifications?

Contact us, we will build together an educational project around your training needs.

Before you begin, discover our language school benefits and request the individual French test lesson for just € 20.00.

For more information call today: book a meeting with our consultants to start your French course.

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