inlingua Portuguese Courses

Come and discover the Portuguese courses of inlingua Rome!

Do you want to learn the language of Pessoa? Do you want to walk the streets of Lisbon or Coimbra and be able to communicate without hesitation?

We organize courses adapted to the learning needs of our students and are flexible thanks to a 50-year teaching experience.

The courses are held in all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced, with the aim of meeting all the possible needs of our students.

The Portuguese courses we carry out:

  • Individual portuguese courses

  • Portuguese courses in small groups

    Max 6 attendants

Native speakers teachers, selected based on their abilities and experience in teaching, follow and implement our Portuguese courses.

On class we will use the inlingua method, a method developed by our headquarters in inlingua International (Berne, Switzerland) and which focuses on developing communication skills, putting the student in a position to use what has been learned in the classroom since the first lessons, although starting from a beginner level, with the ultimate aim of making your course a quality course where you really learn.

During the lessons will be used the best teaching materials on the market, with the aim of offering a high quality standard.

You need anything else? Do you want to deepen the themes? Do you have to take an exam for specific certifications?

Contact us, we will build together an educational project around your training needs.

Before you begin, discover our language school benefits and request the individual Portuguese trial lesson for just € 20.00.

For more information call today: book a meeting with our consultants to start your Portuguese course.



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Hai bisogno di altro? Vuoi approfondire delle tematiche? Devi sostenere un esame per delle certificazioni specifiche?

Contattaci, costruiremo insieme un progetto didattico intorno ai tuoi bisogni formativi.

Prima di iniziare, scopri i nostri vantaggi della nostra scuola di lingua e   richiedi la lezione di prova di portoghese individuale a soli € 20,00.

Per ulteriori informazioni telefona oggi stesso: prenota un incontro con i nostri consulenti per iniziare il tuo corso di portoghese.

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