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Integrated Blended Courses with e-Learning and videoconference lessons 


Do you want to learn or improve your English, French, German, Spanish or Italian  
saving your time and money? With English Online courses (or at school), you can also choose days and times of attendance. 

Let’s try our courses in English or another language via videoconference, which we have integrated with the quality of face-to-face courses with the flexibility of distance learning. 

With our teachers you will learn to speak the language you need, with fluency and linguistic properties, at the same time the inlingua tutors will choose for you those useful exercises to learn to understand the English spoken at a normal speed by two or more people as their mother tongue. 

You will quickly gain a good confidence in the foreign language you want to learn.

Inlingua programs allow you to progress regularly and profitably. 

With our trial lesson, you can first evaluate our courses and then choose whether to enroll.  Learn a new language, contact us!


The advantages of integrated Blended courses with Inlingua Roma:

We organize blended course in 5 languages: English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, and Italian. According to your needs 


  • Dedicated Teacher as in traditional course 
  • Limited number class (min. students, max. 6) 
  • Scheduled lesson once a week at school  
  • Online English courses from your home or office 
  • Online lesson in English and in more 21 languages 
  • Starting online courses every week. 

"It is indisputable that no one has a clear conscience of the genius of his language if he has not studied in depth at least one other language; other men and other languages are actually as slow as they help us to know ourselves and to understand our own language."

Louis Meylan



Find out your level right away, take the test and start planning your customized language course.

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In May, €100.00 off in all courses within the catalog. Promotion valid until 31/05/2021.

Addtitional Benifits: 


    • Flexibility in the choice of day and time of lesson 
    • Rapid linguistic progression 
    • The exlcusive method of Inlingua Roma 
    • E-earning my.lab platoform of Inlingua International 
    • The platform it is a your disposal H24 
    • Unlimted access to the platform during your course 

    inlingua method

    Integrated Method di inlingua Rome.

    All our group English courses are taught with an Easy Method, the inlingua Method, that allows you to speak English from the first lessons, in other words, a direct and communicative method.

    During the course you will speak exclusively in the English language, you will learn the meaning of words from their context and with our teachers you will feel more confident speaking English.

    Book a free consultation in our alternativelly through a ZOOM video conference.


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