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E-Learning Courses 

They are the result of intensive research and development by inlingua International in collaboration with the know-how of our 327 schools around the world.  
My.lab also includes an extensive library and interactive teaching tools designed to improve comprehension, reading, writing and pronunciation skills. 

How does the e-Learning platform work? 

A personal profile is created for each student that can be accessed from any device (computer, smartphone or tablet) through an Internet connection.
Within his profile the learner finds different sections specifically designed to allow easy improvement of all language skills.

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¿Cómo funciona el curso e-Learning?

  • Customization of the e-learning course according to your needs 
  • Exclusive programs from the inlingua Learning Directorate 
  • Available 24/7 
  • inlingua platform with interactive tutorials

"It is indisputable that no one has a clear conscience of the genius of his language if he has not studied in depth at least one other language; other men and other languages are actually as slow as they help us to know ourselves and to understand our own language."

Louis Meylan



Find out your level right away, take the test and start planning your customized language course.

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Two Sections of Particular Importance 

1. LEARNING PATH – In this e-learning course, students will find interactive lessons and exercises integrated with the teacher’s program. The exercises are personalized according to the student’s starting level and are aimed at assimilating and mastering the English, French, German, Spanish or Italian language with ease (depending on the course chosen). 

2. WORKBOOK – In this section, students find additional exercises to deepen other aspects of the language and thus go beyond the assigned learning path, without limits of level or program.  

Advantages of the inlingua e-Learning course 

  • Total flexibility (available 24 hours a day) 
  • Interactive videos (over 200 inlingua videos) 
  • Tracking of all activities, for constant monitoring 
  • Phrase book for listening comprehension 
  • Personalization with over 4,000 exercises 

and more:

  • Specific exercises to acquire vocabularypronunciation and fluency. 
  • Exercises to improve reading and writing skills. 
  • Real-time answers to exercises for effective progression. 
  • Online grammar and vocabulary 



inlingua’s Method.

inlingua Rome’s Integrated Method 

All of our mini-group language courses are taught using an Easy Méthod , which means that you will be able to speak the target language from the very first lesson.

During the course you will speak exclusively in the new language, learn the meaning of words in context and with our teachers you will feel more confident speaking a foreign language.

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